Monthly Subscription

Perfect for Small Businesses with Minimal Content Needs


$99/monthly payment

Are you a small business looking to establish an online presence with a low budged? Our Single Package is the perfect solution for you. For just $99 per month, you can have a professionally designed one-page website that showcases your business online.

Package Includes

  • Single Page Design

  • Content Integration

  • WordPress Software Update

  • Website Theme Update

  • Website Plug-Ins Software Updates

  • Standard Hosting

  • Responsive Layout

  • Social Media Links & Icons

  • Basic Contact Section

  • Google Search Engine Submission

  • Google Webmaster integration

  • Security Measures

  • Malware Software Management 24/7

  • Technical Support

  • Customer Support

What's Included?

One-Page Website

Ideal for small businesses with minimal content needs

No Setup Fees

Start your online journey without any upfront costs

Quick Turnaround

Your website will be up and running in no time

Secure and Reliable

Enjoy daily backups on our cloud server to keep your data safe

Flexible Options

Upgrade or downgrade your subscription anytime

Technical Management

We handle updates, maintenance, and backups

Customer Support

Ongoing support to assist with any issues or questions

Content Updates

Free monthly updates if the task is under 30 minutes; otherwise, $80/hour.

Additional Services

SEO and business email services are available

Ideal for

Small Businesses Without Websites

Perfect for those who haven't gone online due to budget constraints.

Social Media-Only Businesses

Enhance your credibility and reach by having a dedicated website in addition to your social media presence.

Why Choose a Website Along with Social Media?

Enhanced Credibility

A professional website boosts your business's credibility

Increased Visibility

Reach a broader audience beyond social media

Better Engagement

Provide detailed information and services that social media can’t fully support

SEO Benefits

Improve your search engine rankings and online visibility

Professional Image

A well-designed website provides a more professional image

How to Get Started

Simply provide us with your domain name, logo, and the content you want on your website. We'll handle the rest and ensure your website is up and running quickly.

Contact Us Today!

For more information or to sign up for our Single Package, contact us 

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