Up to 15 PAGES - 5 PRODUCTS & 5 GB web space



The price covers the hosting for the first year and updates for the WordPress software. Any specific additional features are not included, but can be added if required.

Package Includes

  • Pre-designed Template Implementation with eCommerce Focus

  • Content Management System (CMS) for Products & Content

  • eCommerce Platform Integration (e.g., WooCommerce)

  • Essential Shopping Cart and Checkout Functionality

  • Payment Gateway Integration

  • Basic Inventory Management

  • Basic Shipping Configuration

  • Responsive Layout for Mobile Shopping

  • Premium Hosting with Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • Domain Assistance and Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Secure Customer Accounts and Data Encryption

  • Email Marketing Integration (if applicable)

  • Google Analytics Integration for Sales Tracking

  • Google Search Engine Submission

  • Google Webmaster integration

  • SSL Certificate for Secure Transactions

  • Security Measures and Regular Software Updates

  • Malware Detection and Management 24/7

  • Technical Support for eCommerce Functionality

  • Daily Backups of Your eCommerce Store

  • Business Hours Phone Support

Additional Pages

Single Page - $80

Two Additional Pages - $150

Four Additional Pages - $250

Ten Additional Pages - $500

Additional Products

Single Product - $80

Two Additional Products - $150

Four Additional Products - $250

Ten Additional Products - $500

Optional Extras

Domain Registration - $80

One Page Content Writing - $ 150

Ten Pages Content Writing - $950


*Excessive data usage incurs a charge of $20 for the first GB of overuse and an additional $6 per GB thereafter.

*While we do not recommend combining email hosting with webmail hosting, it is possible to set up an email account within the limits of your hosting capacity.

*Considering that webmail emails are encompassed within the hosting package, we kindly advise you to regularly monitor your mailbox and promptly eliminate unwanted emails. In case your web space usage surpasses the allocated limit, sending and receiving emails may be affected, and your website could be temporarily suspended.

*Please note that all fees and charges outlined on our website take precedence over other pricing documents, except for ongoing promotions. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

*Annual price adjustments are implemented (excluding discontinued third-party products) and are promptly updated on our official website at

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